Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend retreat--what I saw

(1) Georgia's scrappy pineapple Q
They never seem to come often enough -- weekends spent quilting with friends.   A lot of projects were waiting to go along with me, but I mainly worked on just a couple.  I never empty very many bobbins, but that's not the point of the weekends.  It's the getting together, relaxing, and sharing that's important (sharing food, advice, stories, and friendship).

I'll show my projects next time.  For now, here are the much more impressive projects shared by the other "retreaters."   (All photos will enlarge with a click or two.)
(2) scrappy spiderweb Q by Becky

(1)  Georgia has been working on her scrappy 12" pineapple blocks and put them all together on Saturday.  Pattern is from Positively Pineapple.  She will be adding a border.

(2) I think the spiderweb Q made by Becky is from a Fons and Porter pattern, but I didn't find it in their "Best of Scrap Quilts," as I thought I would.  Triangles are 6" tall.

(3) Chris's table runner
(3)  Following her pattern, Chris's placement of the cut pieces made the yellow and purple appear to intertwine--with a pretty butterfly background.  She trimmed the sides just after I shot this photo.

(4) Blogger Girl quilt by Pat

(4)  Pat made the Blogger Girl quilt (from Open Gate Quilts) using red and green fabrics with gold highlights.  She worked hard on the sashing -- the on-point squares are labor intensive, but they're stunning when they're added to the quilt to frame the blocks. 

(5) Aunt Gracie's Garden by Sue (border to be added)
(5)  Sue saw this quilt in someone's Fons and Porter magazine, and we found a download-able copy of the pattern online.  It's "Aunt Gracie's Garden,"  AKA "Emily's Wedding Quilt."  Her  background is Kona Snow, and we helped her cut an 8-1/2" wide border from that.  Flowers, leaves, and vines will be appliqued on the wide border before it's attached to the quilt.  Four appliqued flowers will go on last, covering the mitered border seams.
NOTE:  There are no curved seams here--only the appearance of some.  Look carefully. It's a combo of HST next to squares made with Tri-Recs tool by EZ Quilting.  Google  "Tri-Recs" and you'll find photos, tutorials, and ideas galore. 

(6)  guild mystery Q by Kris

(6)   We've been given all steps for our guild's current mystery quilt.  This is Kris's version.  Some gals used one fabric for the alternating snowball blocks; others used varied fabrics, as Kris did here. 

(7) a super stash buster by Georgia
(7)  The biggest stash buster I've ever seen in person was this one that Georgia brought to show.   She cut 30" squares of fusible grid interfacing and ironed on 2" squares.  After folding on the lines and stitching 1/4" seams, she ended up with  22-inch blocks (225 squares on each).   The main body of the quilt is made from nine of those blocks plus three half-blocks.  

Georgia added a 3" black border, then a border of squares, four squares wide.   My quick estimate is that there are more than 3000 2-inch squares in this quilt.   I'm also estimating it's around 84" x 93".
I have a lot of 2" squares and some iron-on grid interfacing, so I could start one any time.  I also have a daughter who enjoys the artistic arrangement of quilt blocks.  I think she'll enjoy arranging those squares for me--at least for a while.  (I'll take the help as long as I can get it.)  
I hope you had a quilty weekend.  Mine was filled with inspiration and relaxation. 


Raewyn said...

It does look like a wonderful weekend, so much inspiration. Thank you for sharing the photos of your friends' work. Did Sue use a curved ruler or cut templates out to get the curved 9-patch?

Rebecca said...

Wow! What wonderful quilts. All of them are just great! I am curious about the last one using the 2" blocks. If you try this technique I hope you post some pictures.

Janet O. said...

Every project here is inspiring! I would go to retreat with these women and just sit and watch them, I'm afraid. : )
Look forward to seeing what you did!

Barb said...

wow what a fun weekend!
I love the pineapple quilt and the other quilts are lovely too!

Kyle said...

You were surrounded by inspiration. Glad you had fun.

Barb said...

All the projects are just wonderful, thanks for showing them!!

AnnieO said...

Those are all WOW projects! What fun to join your friends and be a part of their quilty time!

Teri said...

Those are all great inspiration. I just love the last project with all the squares. I am wondering if I would see a dent in my 2 1/2" square drawer if I made one of those. It is certainly a show shopper. It will be a heavy, heavy quilt with all those seam allowances.

Dawn said...

So many beautiful quilts at your retreat. Wow! A great bunch of quilters.

Jean said...

So many beautiful quilts and inspiration! Can't wait to see yours!

Where did you go?

audrey said...

Look at the wonderful inspiration! Great times for you.:)

Julia said...

Great quilt eye candy and inspirations Vivian.
I love Kris's quilt , also Emily's Wedding quilt..
Getting away to a retreat is fun, doesn't matter if you get to sew or just sit and chatter.
Julia ♥

Rebecca said...

Hi Vivian, just to let you know I did start a blog! My first post was on Sunday. I call it "Quilting Everyday". I hope you will stop by. Thanks again for your encouragement.


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