Saturday, April 12, 2014

Two more ready for the quilter

Rainbow Sonja's Windows;  64" x 84"
Last weekend while quilting with friends, I worked on two UFOs.   The more colorful, newer project is done and ready for quilting, and the other one just needs its simple border added.   Then I'll spend the weekend preparing for quilting these and a couple other guild share quilts. 

My least favorite part of quilting is pin basting the tops, getting the "sandwich" ready to quilt.  I don't have a dedicated room for my quilting, so when I baste the quilts, I set up two 30" x 72" work tables side by side in my living room, on PVC "risers" to make them a good height. (I'm tall.) 

The 60" x 72" total table space means I usually only move a quilt once to get it all pinned.   My tub of pins, the roll of masking tape, and my grapefruit spool (to brace the pins for closing) will be busy this weekend.

closeup of Sonja's Window blocks
I end up with these marathon sessions because, with my limited space, I don't like to put up and take down the tables over and over.  So I wait till I have several quilts to baste, and then up go the tables for a day.  

In January I wrote about making Sonja's Windows blocks.   I tried variations, and my favorites were blocks with just one color -- using only reds together, only greens together, etc.   Last weekend I finished enough 18" single-color blocks for a quilt.   Sashing strips between these blocks are VERY important.  Each block has 72" of bias edge, and the sashing keeps the edges stabilized and the blocks accurately sized. 

Wanderer's Path share quilt;  64 x 84"
When I finished my 11th block, I had one 14" pink square and one 14" peach/rust square.  I just put those two together to make the 12th block.  The colors are close enough for me.  (and I ignore quilt police comments anyway.) 
The top is done, and I've made a dent in my scraps.  Hurrah!

The older UFO was a pile of brown, gold, tan, and green blocks and parts from 2008,  leftovers from a retirement quilt for a coworker.  I had enough parts to make this 9 x 12 block layout of the 7" Wanderer's Path blocks.   (I prefer that name, rather than Drunkard's Path.)

I let my daughters arrange the blocks for me, any way they wanted, and this is what they did with what they were given. 
I found a nearly full bolt of a green Asian print fabric, and that will be used for the 3 or 3-1/2" border and the backing.  I'll probably use a dark brown for binding. 

Have a great weekend.  


Janet O. said...

LOVE those window blocks. So much luscious color, and such a striking design!
Wanderer's Path--much better name. I love brown and green together. Very soothing, like a forest. Your daughters did a great job arranging. : )
BTW, I am with you on the basting thing. That is where I stall in the whole process. But I don't have the tables--I do mine on the floor.

Jean said...

The quilts looks awesome! Are you quilting these on your home machine, is that why you have to pin and baste them? Not my favorite part of a project either, that's why I love my mid arm machine. It's not the largest or fanciest (I got it at an estate sale) but love the table with the bars!

Lori said...

More wonderful quilts! I've used the table method, but went to my church. It isn't a favorite part of quilting for me either.

Rebecca said...

Two more beautiful quilts!! How wonderful that your daughters are interested in quilting, neither of mine are at this time. I hope they will be in the future. They do like receiving quilts! lol I had to give up pin basting due to a back problem. I have been spray basting mine. You have to be careful though and not use too much. (I left a reply to you comment, not sure if you saw it. I am still learning how all this works.)

AnnieO said...

Wanderer's Path is a nicer name, I agree! You seem to get a lot made with "precuts" , ie projects already cut! I have a lot of tops that need quilting and two of them are HUGE. using two tables on bed risers is my method too. Great work!

Quilt Hollow said...

Striking design, pattern, color!


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