Saturday, February 22, 2014

Post blizzard blues

42 x 52" finished (2" top and bottom borders)
Our blizzard came and went, with as much snow as predicted (7.4 inches here).  My blue and yellow quilt top made from scraps is done.  (see previous post)

There are 400 triangles in it, mostly scraps, but connecting triangles and border triangles are from my stash.   It finished about 42 x 52".  That's a bit bigger than I wanted, but I wanted all the triangles in it.  There were 3 left over, and I sliced them into slivers with my rotary cutter, so I wouldn't be tempted to try to turn them into something else.

closeup of fabrics in this quilt top
PLEASE -- no guilt trips about how I should have used those 3 on the back, or saved them for another quilt. I use scraps ad nauseum.  I refuse to save and use every single one.  

Planning to make a few more basket blocks this weekend, after I make a pair of mittens for DH.  He prefers mittens, rather than gloves, for keeping fingers warm.  While working on this blizzard snow, he favored wearing a pair of our daughter's that I made for her years ago.  Fuzzy fleece outside, wool inside.  A little elastic at the wrist, and long enough to fold down a cuff, if desired.    I'm making his pair today
Funny how quickly I've forgotten how to make garments--even mittens.  The last ones I sewed were 7 or 8 years ago, so I guess it's not a surprise I needed to check the instruction sheet.        
--All photos will enlarge with one or two clicks--

The back yard yesterday.  Pretty.  Day-after-blizzard melting = icicles.

The snow blower is a big help;  but boulder-sized snow chunks left by a speeding snow plow need manual chopping and moving.  DH with snow blower;  DD with shovel;  me with the camera.
Snow drifting between neighbor's (L) and our house (R).  It took a while to get mail boxes pried open.


Mary Truax said...

Wow Vivian! Beautiful scrappy blue and yellow quilt. No, I will not nag you about those last three triangles! I am fussing with my scraps today and don't need any guilt either. Good Work!

Julia said...

I would have done the same Vivian.
I hate having one or two blocks guilt!
love the quilt, and such pretty pictures of the snow, tho I would hate to have to clear / shovel it.
Is that you there in the photo holding your hand up ?
Julia ♥

Kyle said...

So much snow! You won't see your yard for awhile. I'm glad you slashed up the last bit. It made me laugh. Your quilt is great and will really brighten any snowy day.

Sue said...

Lovely cheery quilt and wow that's some dump of snow.
I love that your family are doing all the work and your on camera. Someone's gotta do it!

Dasha said...

Its a lovely quilt, so well done for finishing it and for using all those scraps. The photos of the snow dump are impressive, and so beautiful.

Janet O. said...

What a treat to see how you turned those "dog bed" scraps into such a visually striking quilt! I laughed about you shredding up the last three triangles. I TOTALLY understand. I make so many things from other people's leftovers. Sometimes you just have to say "Enough!!!"
Wow, the storm left a pretty sight, if you just didn't have to go out in it.

Brandie said...

Oh my, that's gorgeous! Don't you feel great using up what you had?!
Stay warm

Grit said...

This quilt looks fantastic. And you have a lot of wonderful snow.
Greetings Grit

Barb said...

beautiful finish! blue and yellow is such a winning combination!
wow, that is a lot of snow!

Me and My Stitches said...

I love the way your quilt turned out and I don't blame you for tossing those last few triangles! The snow looks so pretty (but there has been an awful lot of it!) and you have the right idea - stay behind the camera - preferably in your sewing room!

Jean said...

I read back a bit and found out that you salvaged these from a bag of someone else's scraps. It turned out beautifully and don't feel guilty about throwing away a few. We can't save every scrap.

Kindred Quilts said...

Love the brightness and brilliance of the Blue/Yellow quilt... and lots of movement as well!
No guilt lectures from me!
Funny how beautiful everything looks the day AFTER a blizzard!

AnnieO said...

Great quilt top! Blue and yellow I don't have much of in my stash. Love that the leftovers you got ended up as a starfield!

Wow to all that snow. You must be so sick of it but what a pretty day.

Cathy said...

Sorry you got hit with so much snow. I am so tired of the white stuff.

Your quilt is beautiful and I don't blame you for getting rid of those final triangles. I would have done it too. Hugs

Marei said...

Glad you all came through the blizzard in tact. I can't imagine how much you must be looking forward to spring! I really like the fabrics in the connecting triangles. They add so much movement and visual interest. No guilt from me, Vivian. Myself & I had a discussion 2 days ago about what was "enough" in the scrap arena. I opted to toss some pieces that others might keep....but then I'm not the "others". :)

claire witherspoon said...

Hey Vivian, The yellow and blue top is really pretty. I love the way you are always changing up your quilt designs, lots of variety! Yo made me laugh about cutting up the remaining scraps! I totally understand the temptation! The after storm pix are really beautiful. I know it must be hard with all that snow but it really is gorgeous, right after! cheers, Claie W.

Shirley said...

Heck! Hope there were no fabric deliveries holed up in those mailboxes!! The quilt looks great and I am in awe at the speed in which you finish things.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your weather looks exactly like ours!

Karen said...

This set looks wonderful. I think with these colors, any set would look great. Sorry about the snow....


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