Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Playing with scraps

scraps ready to be trimmed
Another interesting pile of usable scraps showed up in a bag for dog pillows a while back.   I might find an orphan block or two, or a stack of triangles after flipping and trimming.   There may be leftover WOF strips or a tempting group of scraps that just beg to be cleaned up and used together.

Someone was working with yellow, white, and blue strip sets, probably cutting precise triangles, and tossing away these wonky 2-color triangles (over 250 by my count).   That's enough usable fabric for a lap quilt, if I can come up with a plan.

First I made them the same size. I straightened the bottom strip on each chunk to a width of 1-1/4", and using my Fons and Porter 60-degree Pyramid ruler, they were trimmed to become 3-1/2" tall triangles.

I cut some extra triangles from 3-1/2" wide strips  of coordinating fabrics from my stash, and now the challenge of layout options.

totally experimental, option #1
Some of my layouts are shared here.  As this quilt will probably go to a nursing home, I'm leaning towards a conservative, predictable, boring layout with pinwheels and no busy look.  
option 2, but I see "radioactive" hexagons

safe pinwheels, option #3
This winter just won't stop.   We're under a blizzard warning for tomorrow.   The details have been on the Weather Channel all day.    Not so much snow here (3-5"), but add 40-50 mph winds, and that equals blizzard conditions.   In the photo below, we're in the center of the dark blue section, right under the "R" in WARNING.

Mr. Nick on the Weather Channel this afternoon
I can safely predict more quilting time tomorrow.   It's currently 3:30 on Wed. afternoon, a "balmy" 42 degrees outside,  and I see closure messages crawling across the bottom of the Olympics on TV.   Many schools in MN and IA have already announced they'll be closed tomorrow, with late starts for some on Friday.     We know what's coming.   Safety first. 


Jean said...

I am so happy that I'm not the only one that salvages OPS (other people's scraps). I get a lot out of those bags and boxes left at my door. Here they don't want the dog pillows, but I've learned that Goodwill recycles everything they can't sell, when you tell them it is to be recycled. I asked about batting and quilting scraps and they said we take everything. This is made into fabric for third wold countries and is a way for quilters to keep all these scraps out of the landfill and help others.

Janet O. said...

What wonderful repurposing into something both useful and beautiful. Options #2 & #3 are both doable for your intended purpose, I would think.
Very clever of you!
I wish I had a good reason to stay home and sew this week--so far our predicted snowstorm has only yielded wind.

Kindred Quilts said...

I like option 3. This will be a cheerful quilt!
It's been a strange winter here in Iowa... some areas will get "thunder snow" tomorrow...

Me and My Stitches said...

I love what you are doing with the blue and yellow fabrics - they are nice and cheery! Unlike the weather you will be having tomorrow. We are in the SE corner of the state, and are supposed to get rain. Better rain than ice, that is for sure. Hunker down, and happy sewing!

Karen said...

So sorry it's not done yet. I kind of like #1, if it's not too hard. Looks very cool.

Dawn said...

Stay safe and enjoy some inside sewing time. Love what's on your design wall. I like the wider versions :-)

AnnieO said...

Oh, my! Good thing there is something to occupy you besides watching the miserable weather coming at you! Love your triangle play. I saw radioactive symbols too :)

Shirley said...

Stay safe Vivian. We are getting ready for another drenching. The rain is endless. I am sure you will choose the best option and make it work and well done on the rescue.

Dasha said...

Whichever option you choose, it will be a lovely cheery quilt for someone in need. G'd onya Matey!

Marei said...

My 85 yr old mom would pick option #1 and so do I. Love the cheerful look of it. I see my old home in Desoto, WI is under "advisory" but not "blizzard". Take care and stay safe & warm, Vivian.

Gina said...

I love how you are recycling other people's scraps. Option 1 is amazing. Stay safe xxx


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