Thursday, February 27, 2014

Love those traditional blocks

My first 10-inch lady of the lake blocks
I found a trend in my computer file of photos of "quilts I want to make."  The file is filled with scrappy quilts made from traditional pieced blocks.  I love them, but I haven't made quilts with them--yet. 

To decide which traditional block to make first,  I took stock of what I have ready to go.   I have boxes of squares, stacks of rectangles, bins of WOF strips, and a lot of trimmed HST.  That's where I'm starting--with my 2-1/2" ready-to-go HST.  (I usually have a box of triangles sitting next to my machine--my most common leaders and enders.)

I've always liked the versatile "lady of the lake" block.   According to legend, one name given to King Arthur's Lady of the Lake is Viviane, but that's beside the point.  I like versatile blocks.   

Here's a link to the  lady of the lake block pattern, and you'll see variations in how the individual block is  constructed, plus endless layout variations.  The quilts look so different, depending on (1) placement of the darks and lights, (2) scrappy or controlled fabrics, and (3) the direction and placement of the blocks in the layout of the quilt.  
A bit of mending of my well-loved shirts

I'm not sure which layout I'll use.  There's even a layout where the halves of the block are rearranged.  So many options.   So much fun :)  

I have two long-sleeved shirts that needed loving attention.   I'm tall and have long arms, and I have a couple favorite men's shirts from Cabela's.  I wear them year around.   I've worn a hole in both left elbows, and rather than hearing a suggestion from someone (whose initials are DH) that I should throw them away, I put floral elbow patches on both.

As long as the neck bands stay nice, I should get many more years' life out of these shirts.   I just can't throw them !!

So, what's your favorite clothing that you just can't throw?  an old bathrobe?  comfortable jeans with badly frayed hems?  a holey T-shirt?  Mine are these two shirts. 


Janet O. said...

I'm with you on the traditional blocks in scraps. Not that I make my quilts all that way, but when I see them, they are the ones I am drawn to.
On the link I LOVE the second from the right on the top row!
Clever you, with the shirt repair!! : )

Exuberant Color said...

Lady of the Lake is one of my favorite patterns. I have made 3 season quilts from it and still need to do winter.
I have a favorite shirt too, at least 20 years old. So far no holes and it still has all of its buttons.

Cathy said...

I love your blocks. Scrappy traditional is my favorite. I have 2 cotton denim shirts I wear all the time. One is heavier and I appliqued oak leaves and acorns on it because fall is my favorite time of year.

I see it is 4 degrees where you are. It is 5 degrees here. Don't know about you but I am thinking of warm tropical Hugs

Barb said...

I've always loved LotL blocks. Yours look terrific.
clever way to mend the elbows and look cute.

Me and My Stitches said...

Love your Lady of the Lake blocks! Of course, I love scrappy too, so what is not to like! I have a big, old hooded sweatshirt that I wear all the time and will not give up. It's getting so worn and stained, and I don't care!!

Brandie said...

You can never go wrong with traditional! Those are lovely blocks and will make a beautiful quilt.
Great idea on fixing your shirts. Or you could have cut them into quilt squares if the shirt was too far gone.

Kindred Quilts said...

Traditional blocks are my favorites as well... the scrappier, the better. Your Lady of the Lake blocks fit into that category very well!
I have a long sleeve, plaid, Abercrombie cotton shirt purchased in 1995 (!) that I cannot part with... if I ever do, it will end up pieced into quilt blocks!

AnnieO said...

I've never made a Lady of the Lake block but that's a good one for scraps for sure! I'm feeling overwhelmed with my scraps at the moment and need to get some gone!
I have a favorite men's style linen shirt that my sister calls my dish towel, and she hates it! I love it because linen is cool and the shirt is long. The regular collar part I cut off years ago so the tab portion is left:). I don't wear this outside the house, but it is my go-to :)

Rebecca said...

My favorites are traditional block quilts too. I like looking at the 'modern quilts', they are interesting and different, but I don't think I will ever make one. I have not done a Lady of the Lake block, will check out the link in you post. Thanks!

Lori said...

You've made shirt repairs fun, functional and beautiful!!I love that traditional block and the wonderful ways it can be set.

Jeanne said...

Lady of the Lake has been on my scrappy 'to do' list, too. I love your start!


Aah - I love traditional blocks too and have enjoyed looking at your gorgeous work on this blog. Just love what you did to those shirts too!! xCathy (Giveaway at mine?!)


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