Friday, November 29, 2013

Working on the Mountain Trail

Mountain Trail progress--will be 36" x 48" when done
No finishes to show.  Just some progress with scraps--sorting scraps, pressing scraps, trimming scraps, combining scraps.  Maybe you don't make a mess when you deal with your scraps, but I do.  Sometimes the mess seems so overwhelming that I wonder why I'm doing it.  But my OCD kicks in, I keep sorting and cutting, and I keep adding to my boxes of squares and rectangles, strips and triangles.

As long as fellow quilters keep bringing me bags of scraps for dog pillows, and as long as I keep saying "Thanks!" -- I'll never be quite caught up.  With one eye on mindless TV and the other on my newly-changed rotary cutter blade, I've made steady progress. 

paper plates stacked with Mt. Trail parts
Eventually I needed to reward myself, so I pulled out a UFO from last year.  Lori (Humble Quilts) gave us instructions last September for her Mountain Trail quiltalong, but mine went unfinished.   Lori's strips were cut 1-1/4", blocks finished at 4-1/2", and her little quilt was 22" x 23" when done.   I modified the size.

I'm working with 2" strips culled from scraps (cut into lengths of 2", 3-1/2", 5", 6-1/2", and 8").   As long as I have my paper plates sitting around my cutting area, I'm easily reminded of the length of strips I need.
I see some potential placemats in these scraps.

My blocks are finishing at 9".   When I started the quilt-along last year, I didn't have a finished size in mind, but now I do.  A 4 x 5 layout will be just the size I want for a lap quilt for a nursing home.   I keep getting side-tracked, pressing and trimming just a few more scraps.  If I'd just concentrate on the sewing, I'd have a couple tops done by now.

Our guild continues to make placemats to pass on to Meals on Wheels personnel for distribution.  I've made quite a few so far, but I have more in my "finish these soon" stack.  They're such an easy and satisfying way to use small pieces of batting, backing, and orphan blocks.
I hope your weekend is filled with stitches and smiles. 


Janet O. said...

Mountain Trail looks good, Vivian. You are smart to make it bigger. I am getting more little quilts than I can display. I need to start making more "useable" size quilts!
My goodness, you have some beautiful "scraps", my dear!! : )

Judy Dietrich said...

I think that sometimes, sorting of scraps just brings my world into focus. I can create order in a pile of small colored pieces that will become a quilt. Each step is a process---you should enjoy cutting out scraps---cause one day, you will just want to sit and sew & you will be all ready. Happy Holidays!!

AnnieO said...

Great way to use up those smaller cuts! Love the red chain pieces. As I keep saying, I need to get my scraps cut into some leader enders so they can move out of my sewing room! I wonder if our local Meals on Wheels does a placemat thing...hmmm...

Shirley said...

I loved making Mountain Trail and I would make it again. Yours looks great too and the bigger sizing is a great idea. You are always full of tips and inspiration.

Lori said...

Sounds like you are staying busy!! I hope I get a chance to sew this weekend.

Marei said...

I loved making Mountain Trail so much that I ended up making 3....and I have one more ready to start next week. Like you, I used the 2" strips (because that's what I keep) and loved the resultant size when I laid the blocks out 5 x 6. This past week I pulled out ALL of my scraps and the entire sewing room is full with scraps needing to be pressed and sorted. It's a TOTAL mess in there -- please come quick -- and bring your iron!

Karen said...

Looking great!


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