Friday, November 1, 2013

Nearly ready to share

"Bow Wow and Meow" top finished at 37 x 48"
Some days I feel like my house has more scraps of fabric than FQs and yardage.  Of course that isn't true, but that's the way I feel every time I lift a box lid and find more scraps that need to be trimmed and measured.  Boxes of trimmed squares and strips are here and there in the house, but my concentration has been on triangles and HST lately.  They're my go-to leaders and enders, and they're always easy to grab and stitch.

This top was made from 140 HST (3" finished) sewn from leftover triangles from a project (thanks, Betty).  The black and gold fabrics for the borders were pulled from a scrap bag too.  Cute fabrics.  It would be a nice Quilt for Kids, but I've decided it will be a share quilt from our guild to a local nursing home.  This is a good size to cover laps while in a chair or wheelchair. 

Close-up of the HST-- from Moda "Max and Whiskers"
This second guild share quilt was also made from leftovers/unwanted blocks.  A guild member gave away the finished floral blocks, along with pink WOF strips and misc chunks of other floral fabrics.  The top went together very quickly, and after it's quilted and bound, I'm sure a nursing home resident will enjoy using it. 
9-1/2" finished blocks;  37 x 48" finished top

These finished share quilt tops are going into a stack, to be quilted and bound another day.   They'll be waiting for me when I return from my trip to Georgia next week. 

Now -- on to the next project for the day.  Have a great weekend. 


heather said...

I like that setting for the triangles.

Janet O. said...

You are always making quilts to brighten someone's day! I do especially like Bow Wow and Meow. I can't decide if it is the colors, the design, or both--but it speaks to me. Nice job!

Karen said...

I agree about the HST's for L/E. But I think I'm going to start doing double four patch. The quilts are really cute.

Julia said...

Lovely quilts Vivian. Love them all.
Yes more scraps than I know what to do with...and there's always HST's left over. Even teeny tiny ones, that I can't bear to throw out. I can't get into doing L/E's.
Julia ♥

AnnieO said...

I'm glad you're being so productive in your stitching time--those a sweet and pretty! I was just telling my sis I need a new leader-ender project. I do love 9 patches:)

Barb said...

someone at the nursing home will surely LOVE this HTS quilt!

Barb said...

someone at the nursing home will surely LOVE this HTS quilt!

Lori said...

We never seem to run out of scraps! Both quilts are great and i think the hst would be great for someone who is wheelchair bound.


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