Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What do I do with cibon wax?

two new-to-me African fabrics
Bad quilter!  Bad quilter! 
The mailman brought two boxes to my door in two days, but everything was on sale, so that's allowable, isn't it?  My intention for the year was to make no additions to the stash, but I'm weak.

Our guild has a chartered bus heading to the AQS show in Des Moines on Saturday, (just a two-hour drive), so I got on the AQS website to see which vendors would be there.  Mistake.  From there I went to their online catalog.  I found sale books and a couple pieces of fabric I couldn't resist.  With my AQS member discount, the books were priced at either $7.20 or $6.40.

AQS website purchases, all on sale
I also bought two pieces of lovely African prints, and I don't know how to treat them.  The gold/navy print feels like a piece of vinyl (or highly polished cotton).  It's shiny, obviously coated, possibly rather thin under that coating, and the selvage says "Guaranteed Cibon Wax."   I hunted for care instructions online, but what I found seemed to be related more to clothing than to yardage.  I want to use these fabrics in quilts with other cotton fabrics.  Do I prewash them?  do something with a heated iron?  leave the fabric as it is before cutting and sewing it?  Help, please. 

sale fabrics from Little Mama's Fabric online shop
Today's box came because I couldn't stay away from last month's Fab Shop Hop.  I usually avoid the hops because looking at 135 online quilt/fabric shops is just too tempting.   But I hopped and found a nice online shop called Little Mama's Fabric  located not far from  Augusta, GA.   Reduced prices everywhere, plus Glenda, the owner, is looking forward to retirement, and she offers an extra 15% discount for orders over $35.

I appreciate online shop owners who care about the box we open.  The fabric bundle was tied with a pretty red ribbon, packed in a heavy ziplock bag for protection, and it was shipped quickly.  Thanks, Glenda.   I'm especially excited with the large-scale green floral (selvedge says Donna Dewberry "Belle Meade") and the red/tan floral ("Garibaldi" by Sara Morgan.)     Oh dear.  More fabric to hide store. 


Janet O. said...

Wish I knew anything to help you with the wax issue.
I also wish my mailbox had yielded anything so fun lately. I try to avoid online shopping--too easy to click that "Add to Cart" button. : )

Julia said...

Sorry I can't help you either with the wax issue.
Well, I think you did well if that's all you bought, a girl has to have some fun at times.
Our $ is so down right now, I'm not buying from the states like I used to.
Julia ♥

Exuberant Color said...

Several of the African fabrics that I had were very shiny too, like highly polished cotton. I just washed them all the way I will wash the quilt later, Orvis soap and warm water in the washing machine. Most of the shine washed off, but it was going to do that the first time the quilt was washed anyway.

Liz D said...

I would cut a 4" square, sew it to a similar white cotton square and prewash in warm water, dry in a warm dryer [safety pin it to an old bathtowel]. Online info for clothes says it both fades and shrinks. After washing, you ll see if it has faded onto the white swatch and you can measure for shrinkage. If it fades/ runs, treat with Retayne and try again.

I think like all hand batiks the wax will wash out and you ll lose the shine no matter what.

Just my method for questionable fabrics, may be a better way but I found nothing online.


Karen said...

I did some batik fabric and we put it between newspaper and pressed with an iron. Did this several times, then washed it. I would experiment. Everything is so pretty.

Sandy said...

AQS show was awesome as always.
Very nice booths of batik fabrics- esp one from Texas- Fabri Fanatics -731 - first time at the show and Lawerence Kansas - Stitch on Needlework# 1232.
Extra exhibits - Cow Stampede was cute. Also all the DM guilt quilts to see!

Jean said...

I am going on Sat. too! Not sure if you saw my post a few weeks ago, but one of my quilts is there as part of the modern quilt challenge display. It's a great show...I've been before!

AnnieO said...

Irresistible books and fabrics are a fact if any quilter's life! Glad you got some piles for your $. :)

Susan Och said...

Ha! I bought the same fabric, thinking that it would be a dress and jacket. Also, the photo showed a fabric where the background was both yellow and white. Did you do anything with it yet? I just opened the box yesterday so I'm in the beginning of the brainstorm.

Susan Och said...

I'm googling for the answer and found this. And I had to tell somebody....

Brooks Goddard said...

"Cibon" is a created name just as all the labels on fabric using the word"cibon" are created with the intent of preventing people from tracing of them. The fabrics are Chinese, but that is all I can tell you. I suggest going to the store which sells this kind of fabric and asking the buyer to get the relevant info. It all might just be coming into the States through a huge wholesaler called Alibaba. An example of the Chinese flooding markets worldwide. That said, the fabric might still be good.


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