Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday -- this and that

"Faithful" block from Lori's quilt-along
Long time between posts.  We were out of town for a week, and it always takes time for me to catch up around the house.

My first project when we got back was to finish Lori's (Humble Quilts blog) latest quilt-along, her "Faithful" block.  Her header photograph shows her full quilt top made from nine of these blocks, and I think it's stunning.  I made just one block for now.   It was a great way to use up little HST, but all those little pieces don't play nicely if you're not paying attention to accurate seams, or if you don't press the seams neatly.  
I cut my outside border a bit wider than Lori's instructions, so I could square up the block if needed. Yes, I needed to, but not a lot.   

My attention seems to be somewhere other than on blogging and quilting these days.   For days I don't go near my favorite blogs, and I haven't read or commented very often.  My focus on quilting is sporadic at best, and I'm not getting much done.   The mojo is gone and must be hidden in a baggie or storage bin somewhere.   I'm not happily stitching with a smile on my face, as my thoughts keep wandering to other things.   

My thoughts are turning more toward family;  winter weather approaching;  trying to simplify content of rooms;  attempts to make our house more quilting friendly;  prioritizing what to spend time doing and what's not worth my time right now;  trying to come to terms with assorted disappointments in life; and upcoming events, both the positive and the "What in the world will come next?" variety.

hand quilted and done -- 18 x 23"
DH and I spent four days in Georgia last week with our son and his family.   It was a two-day drive from IA to their home, and I hand quilted this scrappy doll quilt in the car and while watching the grandkids.  DIL had dressmaker's chalk, which I used for some of my stitching lines (many still visible).  It still has to be washed and dried. 

I also read Jennifer Chiaverini's book The Union Quilters (thanks for the loan, Chris), and I'm nearly done with The Master Quilter.  I own many of her books, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed reading about the lives of Sylvia, Gwen, Sarah, Bonnie, and all the rest of the Elm Creek Quilters (and the ancestors).

Photos below are from our visit with our son, DIL, and the grandkids.  Three photos were taken at Steed's Dairy Farm, Columbia County, Georgia, a working dairy farm with a corn maze, petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and lots of entertainment for kids.  (all photos enlarge with a click or two)
Maddie and (escaping) Drew among pumpkins at a dairy farm

Maddie assembling a s'more, with Grandma watching

Drew getting a ride on Daddy's shoulders

Drew found a special rock to show Grandma
Maddie (with butterfly face painting) practicing milking

 Drew with his Daddy and Grandpa, a retired firefighter

fabrics to share with my friends

To my local hand sewing friends (AKA the Mavens)  -- when we get together next week, you'll see these fabrics, ladies.   DH and I stopped at Hancock's of Paducah on our drive home last week, and lucky me -- I found a sale.  These fabrics will be at our next Mavens get-together, and you may each have 1/2 yard of your choice -- 1/2 yard of one fabric, or fat quarters of two.  We'll draw numbers to see who gets first choice. 
Majority are CWar repro fabrics, but not all.  (click on photo for a closeup view).  


Kindred Quilts said...

I have yet to begin Lori's latest block and it's a favorite one... I'm happy she keeps the instructions on her blog for those of us who didn't find the time when she started!
Lovely pictures of the grandkids and family, Vivian. So happy you had a nice visit.
I hope you get your mojo back soon... maybe a little project from the Kindred Spirits book from the AQS show will be the remedy!

katyquilts said...

I LOVE your Faithful block! Much brighter than mine. Your hand quilted doll quilt is lovely as well.

Exuberant Color said...

I remember when I retired that it was hard to focus on one thing because I had so many things I had been waiting for time to do. You may be in that same limbo too. When the mojo strikes, you have the supplies for it.
Your grandchildren are growing so fast (and are so cute!).

Lori said...

Lovely to see your block and although sewing/quilting has slowed I'm thrilled you made faithful.
I've been remiss about blog reading and commenting too, but with colder weather setting in and shorter days I feel more prone to blog/comment and sew!
Wish I was a maven!!
Too funny photo "practicing" milking a cow.

Janet O. said...

I love your "Faithful" block. What beautiful color choices for the borders!
You are ahead of me on that one! I have no leftover 6 1/2" blocks, so I couldn't hit the ground running. : )
I love your little doll quilt. Clever border treatment.
Quilting mojo sometimes fades doesn't it? Especially when life gets in the way. I find when I feel the least like doing it is probably when I need the therapy the most. Has been over 2 weeks since I quilted, other than the piecing I did on the plane.
Looks like you've had some quality family time. What a fun place for the kids!

Randy D. said...

I love your Faithful block. The colors are great and all the pieces seem perfect! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your darling grandkids!

AnnieO said...

Your version of Lori's block is yummy! And the photos of your precious family equally so. Glad your fingers were busy while you enjoyed the wonderful moments with loved ones! Someday I'll get to's a bit more than 8 hours from here though :)

claire witherspoon said...

ooooh, your top from Lori's quilt along came out great! I'm so jealous you hit a sale @ Hancocks!! Lucky Mavens!! Your Grandkids are cute as can be, And I think all of Blogland is preparing for Winter I've noticed a general lull, this to shall pass. Cheers, Claire W.

Sue said...

Your 'Faithful'block is just lovely. I hope you get your mojo back soon. It seems to happen to all of us at one time or another. :-)

libbyquilter said...

so pleased to have found you via the 'faithful' QAL and yours is wonderful~!
i also love that hand quilted doll quilt that you have shown~!
i hope you get your mojo back soon.



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