Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A little yo-yo finish

finished yo-yo dolly quilt, 15 x 19"
This is my first yo-yo finish--ever.  I've been making these yellow/blue/green ones off and on for quite a while, working with my assistant, my granddaughter Maddie, whenever we're together.   She puts fabric into the 45 mm Clover yo-yo maker, snaps in the front, and after I stitch around the circle, she pops out the front and pulls the thread to start gathering the fabric.  We're a good team.

This doll quilt would have been Maddie's, but she's going to a friend's birthday party next week, and she said the first one can be a gift for her friend Madison.  Then Maddie and I can make more yo-yos together for her own little quilt.    Did I mention that I'm going back to Georgia next week?  DH and I drove there earlier this month, but I'm flying solo next week.  I'll have the fun of being the babysitter while DS and DIL are out of town, celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary.  

I sought advice from my quilting friends (the Mavens) yesterday.  I needed a plan for attaching the yo-yos to fabric, creating the quilt.  Advice given, and advice followed.  This was easy to do, and as I stitched the yo-yos down, I was also doing the quilting.

three layers of quilt with yo-yos pinned in place
Step #1 -- Layer the backing, batting, and top fabric.

Step #2 -- Arrange yo-yos as desired, and pin them in place through the 3 layers.  (Can be tricky--poking fingers is a possibility with this step)

Step #3 -- Stitch vertical lines between the rows of yo-yos.  Use zigzag or meandering stitch to catch the edge of each one as you stitch past.

Step #4 -- Then stitch horizontal lines between the rows, again catching all the edges.

Step #5 -- Run a basting stitch 1 inch outside the yo-yos.  Use this as the guide for trimming quilt layers and attaching binding.  

lines of meandering zigzag stitching between rows

pinned in place till they're stitched
A fun Hoffman yellow and blue floral on the back

The little quilt is all done and ready to pack for a trip to Georgia. It's a bit heavier than I'd expected.  Maybe I'll skip batting in future yo-yo dolly quilts.  Or I might use just the lightest layer of polyester.   I used a leftover piece of Hobbs 80/20 here.  That's not particularly heavy, but a tissue-thin layer of polyester batting may have been a better choice.   Isn't hindsight incredibly smart?   

This is another UFO off my list.  It's going to look very pretty covering some dollies or teddy bears. 


Quilter Kathy said...

SUch a fun intergenerational project and so adorable!

Marei said...

The stitching down technique is so very simple....I wish I had thought about that before I hand stitched around every yoyos on a project last year. Thankfully I did not have as many yoyos as you, but still!

Kim said...

Brilliant machine stitching them down while Quilting the little doll quilt
at the same time. Lovely colors, I bet this little quilt will get lots of loving :0)

Happy Sewing

Janet O. said...

I love that you and Maddie made this together. It is so pretty and I'm sure it will be a hit at the party!
I have never made a yo-yo in my life, so I was very interested in the method of attaching them. Very smart!
Safe travels to you--again! : )

Lori said...

That turned out so cute and how precious is it that she would like to give it as a gift to her friend?! Priceless! Have a great trip.


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