Monday, September 30, 2013

The addiction and challenge of scraps

finished placemats 1-6
I'm fighting a losing battle, trying to stay away from scraps.  I assumed that I'd spend my first month of retirement working on a couple UFO quilts for me, but that wasn't my focus.  The lure of turning scraps into something meaningful and usable is too great.   

My own scraps are too familiar, so they're boring.  The fun comes from pulling usable fabric out of bags of scraps for dog pillows from other quilters.  Most of the usable scraps are trimmed into squares and strips and stacked in boxes, but every so often I find something that takes little time--just a little imagination and tweaking-- and it becomes a placemat for Meals on Wheels.  

finished placemats 7-12
Three black/gray/red placemats were made from shuffling leftover strips from a bargello quilt.
The large blue Carol Doak pieced star was probably a sample for a class.
Leftovers from a colorwash quilt were split into the darker and lighter sections, and they became two mats.
Piano key border leftovers are now two pastel place-mats.
The modern-looking gold and black place-mats were designed from 3 large chunks of uneven strip sets.
The red/lime/black chunks from a Christmas quilt were my scraps.  Every other mat came from dog pillow scraps.    
I have a few more finished mats, not pictured.  A healthy stack will be taken to our guild mtg this week.

finished placemats 13-18

Hand quilting and binding are done on my little "Pink Patches" doll quilt.  It'll join a growing stack of small quilts made from UFOs.  (all Civil War repro fabrics)

"Pink Patches" is finished at 18 x 22"

turning a wallhanging into a small lap quilt
This strange looking star quilt will be a lap quilt for a nursing home resident when it's finished.  I took apart a poorly quilted wallhanging I made some time ago.  It deserved better than sitting on a shelf, unused and forgotten. 

It needed a border to reach our guild's target size for nursing home lap quilts of 35 x 45" or so.  I joined misc. patriotic parts and pieces (more scraps) till I had the needed lengths.  They look disorganized but there is symmetry between the top and bottom borders, and the left and right borders mirror each other.  I'll tweak them a bit, probably adding solid-looking squares in the corners.   Simple quilting after that, and it will be done.    Ahhhh -- more scraps put to good use. 


Janet O. said...

You are amazing! Look at all you have accomplished to brighten the day for others--and all from scraps! It is a creative challenge that I also love, and I completely understand how it can take over!
Pink Patches is wonderful. I hope you have a nice place to display it. : )

Lesley said...

How wonderful that your retirement is giving you the time to play with such great scraps! Especially love how you turned a wall hanging into a lap quilt...great idea. But of course my favorite is Pink cute!

Marei said...

I find the "lure of scraps" too strong to resist. Currently I'm on a binge involving 'made fabric' and let me tell you it's just like eating potato chips....I can't make just one piece! No! I find every little fabric bit that's laying around and say, "I bet THIS would look great" and then make some more fabric. What fun I'm having!! And thanks for showing some more reminds me that I wanted to check into seeing if our local nursing home would like them.

Shirley said...

You always set such a great example on what can be done with those scraps. I really must follow your lead and try and control my overflowing box of scraps. Well done Vivian.

Lori said...

What's not to love about scraps?! And as a bonus, they multiply overnight!!

Karen said...

Sounds like retirement is fun and fulfilling. You set the bar so high for giving of yourself.


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