Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simple and prim

some blocks on design wall
My second project from the Winter 2012 issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects is begun.   I forgot I had 18-20 cuts from one line of flannels until I saw a simple flannel quilt in the magazine.  The pattern and my flannels were compatible. 

This is my first all-flannel quilt, and after I started cutting, I checked for online advice on sewing with flannel.  From watching friends make flannel quilts, I remembered that simple and large scale blocks work best (for beginners).  The online hints I saw most often were to "prewash" and "stitch seams wider than 1/4".  It was too late for me to follow that advice, as most of the parts were already cut, and my yardage of lights and burgundy is limited.

love the "toile" fabrics in this line
I may be OK.  The fabric is tightly woven, sturdy, soft, and it should shrink at the same rate--the same line, after all.  It's "On the Trail" from Henry Glass & Co, designed by Shelly Benton (a friend's daughter).   I have a thin all-cotton batting ready to go, and the backing will be flannel. 

The top is going together quickly.   That's to be expected with 8" finished HST in "Block A" and 4-1/2" wide strips and squares in "Block B."  Fast and simple, and it should be cuddly warm.  If this is done and quilted in time, it'll be another giveaway to my coworkers in a drawing early December.


Exuberant Color said...

I never prewash the flannels. I like the whole quilt to shrink and crinkle together. I can't see any reason for wider seams unless it was the looser woven variety but then I would just shorten my stitch instead of widening the seam. The quilting will keep the seams from splitting if the stitching is tight enough. I love flannel quilts and will probably make many more.

Merilyn said...

I thought I recognised that quilt pattern straight up! I've only just received my copy of Primitive Quilts & Projects! I've pawed over it and loved the simplicity of this quilt! I haven't used flannels in a quilt yet, but a perfect weight for winter for sure!!! Your quilt turned out very nicely, hmmmm! I may have to find some fabric for this one!!!

Janet O. said...

I've never quilted with flannels and probably wouldn't have known enough to look up advice. I didn't realize there would be different issues for flannels. I love the warm, woodsy look of this quilt.

Dawn said...

Flannel will be so warm!! I have used it on backings and love how the machine quilting looks.
Great project!

Jenny Watson said...
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maffy neri said...
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AnnieO said...

Looks uber cozy already, Vivian! I love the colors and the simple blocks. Diagonal settings always draw me in! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours :)

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

Your quilt is really pretty, and sounds like it will do a great job keeping one of your lucky coworkers warm.

Linda said...



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