Sunday, April 29, 2012

Progress on the road

A road trip to Iowa City yesterday gave me the time to work on my castle wall blocks, which have been ignored for a while.
Only these 9 castle wall blocks are done so far, plus two connecting blocks.  The top right block is the finished size and shape, as I used EPP to make it, and templates are still inside.  The others were hand stitched, so edges are still rough. 

DD2 lives in Iowa City, but DD1 was visiting, so we saw both girls and their dogs.   We delivered some hostas for DD2 to plant in some bare spots, and we saw her new backyard fence.  As the proud owner of a retired greyhound, DD2 enjoys letting Taima make a few fast laps around the back yard now and then (in addition to long walks).
DD1 and Scully (L);  DD2 and Taima (R)
                                                                                             Our daughters are identical twins, but their dogs are anything but identical.  DD1 lives in Des Moines with her dog Scully, a puggle (beagle+pug mix).  Scully has a type A personality, but she's met a friendly competitor with Taima, who's much more easy going. 
They usually get along, but there's a tiff now and then.  In the back yard, Taima runs easy, speedy, racing laps as Scully makes brave efforts to keep up.

snooze time on the sofa

Taima's sleeping pad
DD2 made a sleeping pad for Taima, and not wanting to spend much money, she used old, worn out jeans.   She applied snaps to close the open end, and I brought her some dog pillows to fill it out.   My running count on the dog pillows is 66 to the Humane Society and 4 to family.

If you haven't backed up data and photos on your computer, DO IT!  DO IT!!  Back them up two or three ways.   (unless you don't care if they'd all disappear tomorrow)

I thought I'd been competently backing up all our documents and photos, but the stand-along hard drive and program I used made a viable backup only once in April 2008.  All documents and photos put into our PC since then disappeared when the hard drive crashed.

Luckily we made DVDs now and then, sharing photos with family members of an event or trip, and we can get photos back from that.   The one category I didn't share on DVD very often was my quilts.  So those are my biggest loss, in numbers.  But thanks to blogging, photos I downloaded into Picasa to post on my blog are still available.  So I can put those back into our computer. 

If your hard drive stopped in the next 24 hours, do you have "backup copies" of what you couldn't live without?  I hope you do.


Randy D. said...

Your daughters are beautiful (as are their doggies!). And thanks for the reminder to back up my computer.

Merilyn said...

Lovely post Vivian and a timely reminder to do some backup work on the computer too!
Your daughters are lovely and their dogs too, so nice to give a retired greyhound a loving home!!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Beautiful girls and cute pups. Hope you had a wonderful day with them all!

Kathie said...

nice pictures, love the snooze on the couch too funny!

AnnieO said...

Very nice progress! Sewing in a car is hard so I'm impressed you got such meticulous work done. Good to see the offspring, right?

So sorry to hear your backups weren't working properly. How heartbreaking to have lost photos of your work.

Jean said...

These blocks are awesome...can't wait to see the finished quilt.
Looks like a fun day with your daughters.

Barb said...

your daughters are so sunny and cute! I love their dogs!! congrats on making so many dog pillows - that so sweet!


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