Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Little girls, little cradles, little quilts

We're busy with preparations for company coming late Wednesday, followed by 3 days of feasting and family time. The house is nowhere near ready, I haven't gone grocery shopping yet, and there's still "stuff" to put away and menus to plan. At least I've finished the curtains in the living room. But I had to take a break and have some Grandma time.

Our granddaughter Maddie and her second cousin Kori will have their first holiday together as little ladies. Last Thanksgiving they were babies, but this year we'll get to see them play together. I'm pulling age-appropriate books and toys out of storage, getting them ready for the little ones.

Our daughters played with these cradles 30 years ago. My husband assures me he has no idea where either came from. One is definitely older than the other. Each cradle is about 10 x 19". I found a stack of leftover 9-patches from 1930s fabrics (3" finished) and made two very simple doll quilts. If two little girls are going to spend the day at the home of a quilter, they need some little quilts.

Back to clutter management and meal planning. I'd rather be quilting.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Round Robin sharing and a finish

I enjoyed a little group quilting this weekend, and some of the gals shared their round robin projects which were started in January 2009. Each time they only made a ROW -- they were not to be put together. It will be up to each owner to decide how she wants to combine the rows. The rows are just lying on the floor or a table in these photos.

Each row was 12-1/2" long and either 3" or 4" wide. Instructions reflected something about the month. January's snowball blocks were made by the owner; February, add a heart, either pieced, appliqued, or printed on the fabric; pinwheels in the early summer; ; just squares during a busy month; "quilter's choice" one month, etc.

What a smart project for good friends who might be short on time but want to work on something together.
As always, click on photos to enlarge them.

I finished my autumn/gobbler wallhanging (see previous post) and took it to its new home yesterday. Finally -- something bound, labeled, and done.

Working on new curtains for our living room today and tomorrow and for however long it takes to finish them. The clock is ticking -- Thanksgiving company coming for dinner in only 9 days !

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkins and a gobbler

I haven't finished a project for way too long. All I show are purchases, past projects, plans, single blocks, patterns, and what others have done. Reorganizing and updating several rooms in our home is sapping my quilting energy and focus.

I hope that I've turned a corner. This isn't the best time of the year to try to get a lot of quilting done. In a couple weeks, we'll have Thanksgiving dinner for 15-18 at our house and overnight guests for several days. Two days later we'll drive 2-1/2 hours for another family meal.

The house isn't ready for company yet, and there are household projects galore to finish before the Thanksgiving festivities. But I have to squeeze in a little stitching now & then, just for me.

This wallhanging is 42 x 28 inches and is ready to be quilted. I found the pieced turkey pattern in an old Country Threads book. There are pumpkins and maple leaves everywhere. I just put these parts together for a Thanksgiving wallhanging. When it's finished, I'll take it to the office where I'd work if I didn't work at home. I'm gradually making a year's worth of seasonal wallhangings for them to display and enjoy. I have to HURRY and get this done and taken to its new home. I'll blink, and it'll be time to finish one for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Jane yellow star quartet

My Dear Jane quilt will have 7 or 8 colors of blocks. There will only be 4 yellow blocks, and you're looking at them.
I finished my 4th yellow star last week, the small star within a star. (the pale paisley star below) The center star is about 1-1/4" finished, and the points of that star are folded and sewn into the seams, not paper pieced.

I'm using different fabrics for all blocks, and the yellows are probably as varied from one to the next as any color I'm using. Definitely not perfection on these blocks, especially the 8-pointed star, but they're done!


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